We are Gamestah.

We are the longest-running esports organisation in Australia and New Zealand, with thousands of hours of experience managing players, running tournaments and streaming esports online.

Who we are.

Our esports credentials start as far back as 2003, when Gamestah ruled the airwaves bringing esports commentary to Aussies and Kiwis. Today, we're the complete package, combining tournament operating expertise with decades-long broadcasting experience.


Esports Director




Event Host


Technical Guru


We build from the ground up, analysing your game title's esports ecosystem and integrating the tournament you commission into the local community while taking into account the global context of the esport.

In other words, we find what's missing, and design tournament structures, brackets, schedules and events to fill the gaps and fit in with your strategy for the region and your title.

We know that the foundation of a successful esports ecoystem is the community of players and fans.

Our approach emphasises broad participation, provides competitive exposure at all levels,
offers clear paths of progression, and rewards players who grow and excel.

A key success factor in our tournaments is the level of engagement we encourage with participants.
Where suitable, we set up Captains' Councils which create forums for players and administrators
to share ideas and feedback to meet the needs of the community.



We hire the best administrators to run our tournaments. They're embedded in the community and typically have extensive experience in managing participants.

We ensure that tournament rules are fairly and consistently applied, and publish rulings to ensure complete transparency.

At the end of the tournament we provide a detailed report on critical factors such as player participation, audience growth and community engagement, together with an analysis and recommendations for the next phase of the esport.


Broadcasting is in our DNA.

We were the first esports commentary collective in Oceania, and the first to broadcast esports video in Australia. Our broadcasting archive features thousands of hours across multiple game titles over a period of 15 years.

We emphasise high production value, and can either integrate your global broadcast graphics or create bespoke assets so that your title's local brand is consistent with global branding.

We draw on both local and international talent to ensure the best commentating value is added to the spectator experience.

All of our broadcasts are supported by social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook to extend audience engagement beyond the live experience.

How we work.

1 We start with understanding where your game title sits right now in the local esports scene. We contact key movers and shakers amongst players and esports organisations currently involved in the title to understand their level of involvement and commitment. We meet with you to discuss your aspirations for the title, budget constraints the drivers behind the tournament commission and your critical success factors.

2 We propose a tournament structure and community engagement plan that fits in with your goals and meets the needs of the current esports community as identified by our analysis. It includes detailed recommendations for tournament phases, bracket formats, scheduling, broadcasting and prizes. A quote for services accompanies the proposal.

3 Once the tournament is commissioned we put together a marketing plan and prepare social media and broadcast assets. A tournament landing page is set up here at Gamestah.com together with brackets and registration is opened. We open the lines of communication with the community, ramp up marketing in the lead up to the opening day of the tournament and then it's "game on!" .